Company Christmas Holidays
North American Headquarters in Miami, USA: Dec 25, 2015, Jan 1st 2016
European Headquarters in Muenster, Germany: Dec 21, 2015 until Jan 03rd 2016
Limited support is available during this period.
We at PROVISIO wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Vortex Computer Solutions

Official SiteKiosk Reseller


Everyone needs an Information Technology department to call upon, but having a properly staffed IT Department is very expensive in today’s competitive business world. That is where Vortex Computer Solutions comes into play.

Over the past 10 years Vortex Computer Solutions has served Southern Indiana and Louisville Metro with superior and prompt service. Our professional, skilled and dedicated support team is here to meet your needs.

So whether you have 1 computer or 100, give us a call! We would welcome the opportunity to serve you.


Systèmes complets Les composantes Hardware Logiciel Services
Logiciel SiteKiosk Kiosk (Windows)
Logiciel SiteKiosk Kiosk (Android)
Logiciel SiteKiosk Digital Signage (Windows)
Logiciel SiteKiosk Digital Signage (Android)
Logiciel de conseil vidéo de SiteKiosk (Windows)
Logiciel SiteRemote Management