Company Christmas Holidays
North American Headquarters in Miami, USA: Dec 25, 2015, Jan 1st 2016
European Headquarters in Muenster, Germany: Dec 21, 2015 until Jan 03rd 2016
Limited support is available during this period.
We at PROVISIO wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kiosk Information Systems (KIS)

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Since 1993, KIOSK has led the industry in design and manufacturing of self-service solutions.  We provide highly specialized experts to surround every aspect of the project, executing personalized customer deliverables in parallel.  
In-house services encompass every aspect of customized solution design: 
Hardware Enclosure Design
Software Application Design
Flexible Volume Manufacturing
ISO Certified Standards
Safety Agency Certifications
Complete Deployment Services
Advanced Field and Managed Services
Project teams integrate all deliverables within a single professional campus, stream-lining communications tied to consistent first pass success.   
With over 200,000 units successfully deployed, KIOSK has deep experience in a full complement of vertical markets, providing niche expertise in both platform creation and volume deployment support.  OEM and end customer projects range from traditional applications in retail; bill payment, and HR to highly custom multi-function banking, vending, smart locker and border security solutions.   With 20+ years entirely dedicated to the art of self-service, KIOSK has the passion, expertise, and resources to greatly simplify your path to market.


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