FAQ: Flickering keyboard when using text input fields


On some Android 5.x devices the on-screen keyboard may begin to flicker when typing in an input box.
This affects the URL address bar, input fields in web pages and input fields in the SiteKiosk configuration and exit dialog.

This is caused by a problem in certain early Android versions 5.x in conjunction with keyboard animations while SiteKiosk is running.

1. Recommended solution:
Update SiteKiosk Android to the most current version (or even to 2.5.246 and higher) where a workaround for this Android issue is implemented to SiteKiosk.

2. Alternative solution (applies only to the SiteKiosk browser, not for the Exit dialog and SiteKiosk configuration):
Steps to disable in the SiteKiosk Android settings: -> Applications -> Browser -> Advanced Application Settings (at the bottom) -> deactivate “Immersive Mode”.

3. Alternative solution:
Disable “Windows animation scale” in the Android developer Options (-> Settings -> Developer options -> Window animation scale -> Animation off).
Please note that some Android devices require a special procedure to enable the developer options.
Here for example Samsung Galaxy Tab S:

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