Support Request: Preview of pdf documents in secure mail system


We need sitekiosk to handle a Danish, governmental, secure mail system. When logged in, the system will show links to messages in the form of a pdf. In a regular browser (Chrome, FireFox and Edge) the user can preview any pdf in the system, and download the message from the preview. In sitekiosk's Chrome based browser, the user can only preview a small fraction of the pdfs. I have attached pictures of a successful preview (postbyggplads.jpg) and an unsuccesful (betalingsservice nuday). All pdfs can be downloaded from the list of messages.
Can you please advise?

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Re: Preview of pdf documents in secure mail system 09/09/2021 09:00

Since there have been some changes and improvements regarding the PDF display in SiteKiosk in the last versions, please check first if you are using the latest SiteKiosk version 9.9.5895. If not, please update first. You can find the download here:

Instructions on how to update (beforehand, license, etc.) can be found in this FAQ:

If you are already using the latest SiteKiosk version, please check if downloads are allowed in the SiteKiosk configuration and if there is a difference in SiteKiosk Browser between "Start Once" and "Auto Start" mode.

Otherwise, please send me your SiteKiosk configuration (...\SiteKiosk\Config\YourConfig.skcfg), the corresponding log file (...\SiteKiosk\Logfiles) with information on when exactly the problem occurred and step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the problem.

E-Mail: support-europe(at)

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