Support Request: SiteCaster Offline


I have a problem with SiteCaster on different hardware.
SiteCaster works on but some machine we don't have last update cast.

All machines have the same configuration and we have enough licences about SiteCaster.

How i can synchronize contents ?
(i try to upload the configuration on a machine but doesn't work)

A parameter to change on software ?

Thank you for you help

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Re: SiteCaster Offline 09/09/2021 15:02

Please note that SiteKiosk 9.7 is out of support but here some notes:

To synchronize the SiteCaster content you just have to publish the SiteCaster project to the corresponding machine(s):

At the client computer just make sure that SiteKiosk is started (was started at least once) with a SiteKiosk configuration where you selected SiteCaster at "Start page & Browser" and that the machine is online.

Note: If you have changed the SiteKiosk configuration by uploading a new configuration to the client machine file via SiteRemote, the new SiteKiosk configuration will only be active after the next SiteKiosk / machine restart.

Michael Olbrich
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