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Hi, I am having enormous difficulty remoting into the machines I have SiteKiosk licenses on. In the past, I haven't had any issues, but lately it seems like the connection keeps dropping so frequently that I'm unable to accomplish anything on the devices. Actually, in most cases, the connection never even establishes. Do you have ideas or suggestions on why this happens / how to improve the situation. I never get a notice or reason for the failure so I'm not sure how to proceed. Thanks for your insights!

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Re: Difficulty remoting into devices 20/04/2023 15:03

Thank you for your inquiry. To successfully connect remotely through the VNC feature, you need to ensure that you are using the updated client (Dashboard>>Downloads>>General Installer). And also, you need to ensure that the ports needed (mostly client side) have not been blocked by your network:

If you are using your own remote tool, you can check in the logs that SiteKiosk Online is not closing the application in the logs, Monitoring>>[Select Device]>>Logfiles. If you see a rejection for your tool, you can then add the window filter exception in your project.

To do that (in project), click Settings>>Client>>Security. Click "Add window filter", and replace the asterisk (*) in "Window title" and "Window class" with your entry from the logs, as needed. Further below, click the radio button "Allow" and click Save. Publish your project and check again.

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