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We are attempting to configure the application to allow users to scan construction plans/drawings etc. and upload them to our portal.

We have a "Scan Documents" widget on the home page the links to the application.

The scanning application used is CapturePerfect 3.0

The document scans fine, but when attempting to locally save the file it throws the "For security reasons, this action is not allowed" error.

From what I can see, Sitekiosk is not allowing anything to be saved to the PC.

We configured the application to allow users to bring in a USB drive to upload their documents via USB and had similar issues, they have since been resolved but the same error was thrown while troubleshooting that issue.

We've since had no issues uploading files from the USB drive, but seeing as that is uploaded via an external drive I'm assuming the fix for saving documents internally is different.

Please let me know if I can provide further clarification regarding my description of the issue.

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Re: Issue downloading scanned documents locally 20/04/2023 17:03

Thank you for your inquiry. If your application, opens a File Explorer window to save files, it might be automatically blocked for all users, other than the default Sitekiosk user for secuirty reasons. Normally, you would see wording for "Save As..." or "Save...", If you are using another user. You can find these messages in the logs, Monitoring>>[Select Device]>>Logfiles.

If you see the rejections, you can then add the window filter exception in your project. To do that (in project), click Settings>>Client>>Security. Click "Add window filter", and replace the asterisk (*) in "Window title" and "Window class" with your entry from the logs, as needed. Further below, click the radio button "Allow" and click Save. Publish your project and check again.

If you need to provide more information, you can send a copy of your exported log files to, support-america(at) , referencing this post.

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