Support Request: Sensors Measuring Unusual Operating Voltage


We are utilizing Sitekiosk for our training computers. All over our training computers (7 total) regularly report the following message in Sitekiosk monitoring - "Sensors measure unusual operating voltage Caution: operating voltage disruptions have been detected. These may lead to system instability, crashes or hardware damage." This has been occurring at every location we have these machines setup across the country. All machines are ThinkCentre M70a (All in One Computers) and are using the OEM power cables which came with the machines.

We are wondering if there is a way of modify the alerting criteria to give more accurate reporting to prevent these false positives.

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Re: Sensors Measuring Unusual Operating Voltage 27/04/2023 16:25
You can edit these threshold values in you account under ">Team>Settings>Performance Alert Overrides ".

The indication of an unusual operating voltage is only a general warning to check the client system for problems if necessary. The SiteKiosk Online Client (Service) monitors the system temperature, voltages and fan speed via the available sensors of the Windows system (if available in the hardware) and sends the values to the server.
You will receive an alert if certain thresholds are exceeded or not reached.
For the voltage the following values are set for the alarm (according to ATX specification)
For 3,3V >> low alert at 2,97V, high alert at 3,63V
For 5 >> low alert at 4.5V, high alert at 5.5V
For 12V >>> low alert at 10,8V high alert at 13,2V
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