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I am currently using a Windows server and connecting it to a touch screen monitor via HDMI. The Windows server is running the SiteKiosk Classic application and the Windows Display settings are set to portrait 1080 x 1920.
When the power went out the windows display settings switched to landscape with a lower resolution.

I am wondering if there is a setting in the SiteKiosk software that disables the connection for HDMI which has to be enabled again.

Please let me know. Thank you.

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Re: Power Outage HDMI not working 01/05/2023 21:51

Thank you for your inquiry. SiteKiosk does have video settings that can be set from the configuration file. However, a power outage cannot be the cause of this as the configuration file does not change during runtime. If, running SiteKiosk is giving you a different resolution than what was set in Windows Display settings, then:

1. Review user account difference between Start Once and Auto Start modes - if using SiteKiosk user, check this link -

2. Create a new configuration file and test to see if there is a difference. Test the old file again to see if the issue can be replicated.

3. If there is a reproducible issue with SiteKiosk configuration file based on tests above, then you will need to check the "video modes" setting in the XML of the configuration file and compare it to the allowable video modes for the display adapter (Settings>>Display>>Advanced display>>Display adapter properties>>List all modes). See Section 4 -

4. Check your domain settings for any recent and new updates that may have been installed because of this machine restart event.

Note: SiteKiosk 9.9.6191 is generally no longer supported (no impact on this scenario) and is not compatible with Windows Server OS. Please see system requirements here -

Hopefully, this helps.
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