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I have a kiosk using ver 9.9 build 6191. It uses 2 cameras. One for regular video and one for Document scanning. About 25% of the time. The Video Camera is offline and the application is in error. This would be in the Mornings first thing. I can close the app (Ctrl-Q) and then unplug the camera and plug it back in and restart the app and it will work. Next morning, 75% it will work and 25% it will be in error. How can I resolve this issue or get logs to look at to see what the cause of this issue might be?


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Re: Camera issues 16/05/2023 17:04

Thank you for your inquiry. We also received your email request for the same topic. We will continue our communication there. On the topic of device recognition after reboot in the mornings, this may have to do more with Windows device settings and other associated programs for those devices. There are some possible settings in SiteKiosk configuration like Screensaver>>"WebCam Motion Detector" and Configuration>>"Input Devices" but based on your description, you might not be using those, and the issues would be different. I will provide further instructions by email.

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