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Good morning, I need to start Xampp (in details web server and MySql) together with SiteKiosk. I tried to do it but when start SK and tries to load the local homepage, I obtain an error becausa Xampp is not running.
Can you help me with the configuration of this environment?
Thank a lot

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Re: Run Xampp with Sitekiosk 05/06/2023 11:41

The SiteKiosk shell replacement (e.g. active in the so-called “Autostart“ mode of SiteKiosk) causes applications stored in the Startup directory (Start-->All Programs-->Startup) to be overlooked when the user logs on to the system.

The recommended way would be to start XAMPP as a Windows service.
This ensures that the application is started before SiteKiosk and independently of the logged on Windows user.

Otherwise you can find more methods here:

And here:

Michael Olbrich
Re: Run Xampp with Sitekiosk 08/06/2023 11:44
Thank for your tip...
I solved the issue but I have a problem with the content of the page: if I open with Chrome outside SK I see everything OK but when I open inside SK some elements are not correctly loaded.
Do you think that there could be some problem with user permission?
Thank again
Re: Run Xampp with Sitekiosk 09/06/2023 09:08

does it work in "RUn once" mode (jsut for testing)?
Did you estict the Surfarea (SiteKiosk configuraiton)?
Which information is given in the SiteKiosk Log?

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