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Southern Specialties



Whether you need help with design, manufacturing, sourcing, or a complete turnkey operation, Southern Specialties is the one to call.

Southern Specialties is a premier manufacturer of sheet metal enclosures and cabinetry and is quickly emerging as a new leader in the design and manufacture of kiosks and digital signage.. With our wide range of design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise, we are well suited to partner with you on most any sheet metal project.

Southern Specialties gained national acclaim for our honor pay slot boxes and valet key vaults for the parking industry. In fact, if you have ever stuffed a dollar bill into a slot box on a parking lot, chances are the box was manufactured by Southern Specialties.

Over the years, Southern Specialties has expanded its expertise to not only manufacture enclosures but also provide turn-key services for other industries such as scientific testing equipment, convenience stores, banking, outdoor kitchen cabinetry, digital signage, and self-service kiosks. This range of experience makes Southern Specialties uniquely qualified to handle even the most challenging sheet metal project.

Our company is still guided today by the same values that are responsible for our success – quality of work, innovative technology, unmatched integrity, and commitment to our customers.


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