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Sherlock Systems, LLC

Tel.: 847-520-7711 x7734
Fax.: 847-520-9803
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We have been a leading provider of application specific computing solutions for over 27 years. Our mission is to provide our partners with SOLUTIONS that meet your specific engineering and manufacturing needs - efficiently and cost effectively. By doing so, our partners are able to focus on their core competencies while Sherlock provides products and services to complement your business. We are able to achieve this goal by creating a partnership where Sherlock operates as a direct extension of your engineering, manufacturing, quality, and procurement departments throughout the complete product life cycle - acting as a virtual division of your company.


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Digital Signage Player (Windows)
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DIgital Signage Media Players

We offer pre-built media players, but we can also build a customized media player to fit your needs. As an Intel Premier System Integrator, we can offer solutions that will not change for 18-24 months. We can also notify you well in advance when products go end of life giving you plenty of time to test new hardware. Please contact one of our sales specialists if you would like to configure the media player that fits your solution
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