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The IE based Skins of SiteKiosk Browser use the IE Webbrowser Control of the installed IE version. There are no special https or certificate installation settings in SiteKiosk. You just need to make sure that it works when using the Internet Explorer in the corresponding user account.

You only need to verify that the certificate works in Internet Explorer. For personal certificates please test it in the Internet Explorer browser while you are logged in as the SiteKiosk restricted user account. Here is a description about how to get access:

Alternatively you may even check if the web page works flawlessly when using directly in IE Webbrowser Control (also in corrspondign user account).
Further Information in this PDF:

General information from Microsoft about certificates:

If you encounter problems with downloading the revocation information:
The message "Revocation Information for SSL certificate is not available" refers to the security setting "Check for server certificate revocation" of the Internet Explorer.
Since the SiteKiosk Browser uses the IE webbrowser control this is also effective in the Site Kiosk Browser.

The Certificate Manager from Windows checks online whether the certificate, which is to be used there is possibly appear on a block list.
The server (Microsoft), which should answer the request, seemed here to be unreachable.
e.g. by firewall settings in your network

The IE settings are user dependent and you should check the web page in IE under the account you run SiteKiosk on.
Here the information about how to get access to the IE in the SiteKiosk user account (used in Auto Start Mode):

More information:
- How Certificate Revocation Works:
- Further explanations here:

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Re: Certificate Management / Warnings / revocation information 4/26/2017 10:02 AM
Alternatively you may check using the “Chrome Browser” skin. With “Chrome Browser” skin (available since SiteKiosk 9.x) SiteKiosk does use a Chromium Browser engine (CEF) instead of the IE Webbrowser Control.
The CEF engine will be installed with SiteKiosk 9.x.

If still having problems with Chrome Browser” Skin you additionally can enable the checkbox “Ignore certificate errors” at “-->Start Page & Browser-->Customize-->Settings”.
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