FAQ: PDF Print - Suppression of the Adobe print dialog using the Windows & Dialogs Management of SiteKiosk


When printing PDFs the print dialog of Acrobat Reader is always displayed.
This comes from the Acrobat Reader, which is used for displaying the PDF in the browser.

You can optionally suppress the Adobe print dialog by using the Windows & Dialogs Management of SiteKiosk and sending an OK to the Print Dialog of Adobe Reader.
With the currently latest Adobe Reader version 11.0.6 it worked perfectly in the test.

Create a new entry at “-->Access/Security-->Block system critical windows & dialog boxes-->Settings”
- Select “Close window immediately”
- Further select “Send WM_COMMAND to close the window” with the “Command: OK”.
- Under “Define Window Title and Class” enter the following
Window Title: Print
Window class: #32770

Further information about this SiteKiosk feature here:

Here's an article from our developer blog, which also deals with this topic:

Further information about SiteKiosk and PDF here:

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