FAQ: SiteKiosk on Intel Compute stick with Windows 8.1


SiteKiosk is compatible with the Intel Compute stick with Windows 8.1 (STCK1A32WFCR) platform that was released May 2015.

If you purchased an Intel Compute Stick released early May 2015, you may receive the warning “Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException’” when you start the SiteKiosk configuration tool.

The problem seems to occur on early versions of the device and also happens when Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) is activated along with ASP.NET 4.5 on the Windows System-

Our technical team has opened a support case to resolve the issue but Intel could not replicate it. Intel has sent us a replacement (warranty) device since new Intel Compute Sticks no longer have this problem and SiteKiosk ran without any issues.
Therefore it seems to be resolved with later releases of the Intel Compute Stick.

Contact your vendor or Intel Support with a request for a replacement device if you experience this issue.

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