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Many of our 9.3 kiosk system 3 so far are saying unregistered this is an urgent problem because it presents a security risk to the system and our network. Why are the registered system all of a sudden going unregistered?

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Re: unregistered 5/8/2020 10:21 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Sorry to hear this had happened to you. This would only happen in the scenarios listed below:

Scenario 1: You had recently purchased an update and were issued new licenses.

Scenario 2:A member of your team had registered new kiosk machines using your licensing information and exceeded the maximum number of SiteKiosk machines allowed.

If you are uncertain of the licenses you purchased previously, you are welcomed to visit My Account>>My Licenses on or send an email to our Sales Team: sales-america(at) with your licensing information.

For Scenario 1, you can install the newest SiteKiosk version over the previous and use the new registration information. For Scenario 2, you may need to consult with team members, who may have installed new machines recently. We do not provide licensing auditing services.

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