Support Request: Problem with INSTALLATION


Make a few times that i install some Site Kiosk as you can see with many command with SiteKiosk ,

Make 4 times With Lenovo tabs M10 Android , i cant even start the application thee circle is still always running in round and cant launch the apps ,

Still bug cant install plz help us on it


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Re: Problem with INSTALLATION 10/7/2020 3:08 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Generally, there is no known issue based on what you have described. Can you confirm what Android version you were using? You can find information on supported Android devices and versions here:

On Android devices, the performance and stability depends heavily on the Android operating system the vendor installed on the device. A lot of vendors make individual changes to the Android operating system they put on their devices. These changes can have a big impact on performance and stability. The best test results with SiteKiosk Android we have experienced, are with Tablet devices where there were fewer changes to the original Android system from Google.

You could try factory resetting your device. When reinstalling SiteKiosk be sure to follow the steps to give permission for SiteKiosk to run.

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