Support Request: Open PDF file inside the URL


We have a problem with the URL for open pdf files.

When we try to open a pdf file inside of this URL we don´t have any erro message but in the new windows no charge anything only "thinking" reviewing the log file found this:

20 03ec 2021-06-24 09:34:50 -0500 [SiteKiosk] Navigation: blob:

We olso add this line in the configuration file:
<scheme name="blob" desc="A blob resource" allowed="true" />

But the same result.

Windows 10 ver 1909
Google Chrome : AcroRdrDC2000920063_es_ES.exe
Sitekiosk 9.8.1

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Re: Open PDF file inside the URL 7/21/2021 4:02 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. We are unable to produce this issue due to limited access to your website. Fortunately, another case was reported and a fix is being worked for another SiteKiosk version.

For the time being, you can try using SiteKiosk 9.8 build 5547 where it might work and also after adding the blob protocol as allowed to the SiteKiosk configuration file:

Please be mindful that you will need to uninstall the current version to use any older versions. By default, configuration files are not deleted but you can back them up just in case. Each website handles uncommon protocols (like blob, data, etc) differently, there is no guarantee this case might be applicable.

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