Support Request: Ending session after closing window on Chrome


I'm using Sitekiosk ver. 9.8 build 5779 with Chrome browser.
I have noticed that after closing all windows, Sitekiosk is not removing cookies files of the last session.
In an effect of this when another user is opening new window, he is redirected to a session of last person with logged account on that website.
I know it is possible to end session after closing window in Internet Explorer but support for IE will expire soon, so I’m looking for a solution for Chrome browser.
It is very important for me to solve this problem because of high data security risk and lack of conformity with GDPR.
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Re: Ending session after closing window on Chrome 8/5/2021 12:28 PM

the feature to logout after the last browser windows was closed is only available for the IE engine of SiteKiosk.

When using Chrome a logout is performed when using the logout button or once the screensaver becomes active.
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