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I have a Windows 10 PC that I have set up to Auto Logon using the appropriate registry keys and group policies, it works as expected 100% of the time. I've installed SiteKiosk with basically a default config, when I start sitekiosk and choose customize, I'm only selecting "Run Sitekosk automatically at Windows startup (auto start)". I am not specifying any logon settings, as i'd like Windows to handle it. When I reboot Windows will not Auto Logon anymore, even though the reg keys are still in place that should allow it. If I uninstall SiteKiosk, it will Auto Logon again as expected. Am I missing something in the config or should be doing it another way? Thank you!

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Re: Auto Logon 8/20/2021 3:33 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. If you want SiteKiosk to launch for any user that signs in manually, you did the right steps. Then naturally, you will not get auto logon to work. What the setting "Run SiteKiosk automatically at Windows startup" does, is when you sign in, it uses shell replacement to protect the computer while SiteKiosk launches.

Based on your statement, can you explain what you meant by "you would like Windows to handle it (user auto logon)". If you want to specify auto logon settings for a specific user then you want to follow these steps:

-Open the "Start SiteKiosk" application in an admin user.
-Choose “Customized” in the Quick Start dialog that is displayed.
-In the “Customized” settings enable the option “Run SiteKiosk automatically at Windows startup (auto start)”
-Disable “Settings only apply to the restricted SiteKiosk user account”
-(Optional) Enable/disable "Disable any keyboard input during startup”
-Enable “Log on automatically at system startup”, then click Settings button beside it.
-Enter your Username, Password and Domain name and click OK.
-Click OK and follow instructions to restart the computer.

You would not have to do this yourself as SiteKiosk follows Microsoft rules for this (all of your auto start users need a password):

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