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How I can to centrally uninstall version 9.8.5779.0 and install the version 9.8.5547.0 this is principally for use google Chrome correctly in the own site. Thanks

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Re: Downgrade Sitekiosk version 8/20/2021 6:17 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Are you referring to this previous article?:

A new version (9.9.5895) was released recently that included a possible fix for that:

If you would like add Google Chrome as an external application, then you can follow the Access/Security guidelines here:

Using an external browser with SiteKiosk, will place the browser security in your hands as SiteKiosk is not integrated with those browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge). SiteKiosk uses Chromium CEF that came preinstalled with the software. You should expect the same browsing experience as any.

To answer your original question, to install an older version, simply:
- uninstall the current version
- install the older version

If you have a lot of computers, you can find helpful command line arguments and other tools here:

If you use SCCM, you can find the instructions here:

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Re: Downgrade Sitekiosk version 8/23/2021 11:04 PM
Thaks for your comments, but I maybe was not clear with my questions.

After install versión 9.8.5547.0 I don´t have any problem with Chrome, but before of this "solution" I deployed some Kioskos with the 9.8.5779.0 version and I need to install the 9.8.5547.0 version by Site Remote How I can do?, These kioskos don´t have any Distrubution Software.
Re: Downgrade Sitekiosk version 8/23/2021 11:13 PM

Thank you for your clarifying. It is technically possible to upgrade with SiteRemote but it is not a supported process. It is not possible to downgrade and keep your SiteRemote connection because you will loose access to the "SiteRemote Client" service that maintains the connection. Instead, you can test the latest 9.9 version to see if it fixes your issue. Then, I can email the steps to you to upgrade with SiteRemote.

Otherwise, you will have to go in front of each machine to make the change manually. Please let me know what direction will work best and I will email you the steps.

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