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On one of our Windows 10 machines, SiteKiosk does not load the external startup javascript. SiteKiosk starts normally, but the moment one of the SiteKiosk scripts tries to run a method from the startup script, it returns this error:

"Could not complete the operation due to error 8070000c."

All subsequent tries to run anything from the startup script give this error:

"Unspecified error."

All the scripts have permission to use the SiteKiosk Object Model, and the code works fine on all other Windows 10 machines. It happens in the restricted SiteKiosk account, and in the administrator account.

The startup script sits in a normal subfolder of SiteKiosk, and all accounts have access to it.

Is there maybe a setting or policy in Windows 10 Internet Explorer that might prevent SiteKiosk from running the startup script?

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Re: SiteKiosk does not load external startup javascript 8/23/2021 1:34 PM

In general, there is no free support for scripts you create yourself. Also note that SiteKiosk 9.7 is out of support.

Nevertheless, here are a few hints:
1. For the external script you add to the SiteKiosk configuration under Start Page & Browser>Advanced, you do not need to set any Object Model script permission. This only applies to URLs in the SiteKiosk browser (Object Model Script in web pages).
2. If the user you are running SiteKiosk under has read and execute permissions in the folder where the script file is stored, this script will be executed when SiteKiosk is started.

The error indicates a problem in the script itself.
Here is an example (found with internet search for the error message):

Otherwise, compare all the settings with the other Windows 10 machines where it works.

Michael Olbrich
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