Support Request: Cant oopen any websites in kiosk mode


I can not open any site in Kiosk mode. I get the attached error. It works fine outside of kiosk mode. The PC can get to any site when not logged in as a kiosk user. I switched to Chrome and it still doesn't work. I can't even open a local site on our network.

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Re: Cant oopen any websites in kiosk mode 8/24/2021 5:30 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. The problem you are having can be caused by many factors. Are you testing in both Start Once and Auto Start modes? You mentioned that the issue happens most in the the kiosk user (SiteKiosk Restricted User Account), is your device connected by Wi-Fi? You may need to setup your Wi-Fi connection there:

If you are part of a domain, and there is an internet restriction for the local user (someone who does not belong on the domain), then you will need to use the steps in the link above to verify that. You can launch SiteKiosk in Start Once mode in that user (SiteKiosk user; installed with software).

Note: When you click that green "Auto Start" button at the "Quick Start Menu", SiteKiosk will auto logon into that created SiteKiosk user account. It is a local standard Windows user account with restrictions applied. See some policies here:

If you would like to Auto Start with a domain user or another local user, then you can follow these steps:
-Open the "Start SiteKiosk" application in an admin user.
-Choose “Customized” in the "Quick Start" menu that is displayed.
-In the “Customized” settings, enable the option “Run SiteKiosk automatically at Windows startup (auto start)”
-Disable “Settings only apply to the restricted SiteKiosk user account”
-(Optional) Enable/disable "Disable any keyboard input during startup”
-Enable “Log on automatically at system startup”, then click Settings button beside it.
-Enter your Username, Password and Domain name and click OK.
-Click OK and follow instructions to restart the computer.

If your test reveals that the issue is not user related, then you can send your files for review to support-america(at) referencing this post:

Configuration - C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Config (*.skcfg files, ignore *.skcfg.local)
SiteKiosk Log files - C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Logfiles (yyyy-mm-dd.txt files)

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