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after configuring site kiosk and saving configuration, when I tell it to auto start with our service acct, and I get the pop up box asking for the auto start to work need to reboot windows, I tell it ok , it never restarts on its own.

also when I tell it to restart site kiosk does not autostart for the account we have set for using sitekiosk. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated .

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Re: Issues 9/27/2021 4:34 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. The startup options are set in the Windows Registry and the restart is requested via a Windows WMI query. You may need to ensure to start SiteKiosk in an administrator account with full local access rights.

Based on your description, there may also be domain policies or additional security tools affecting the settings SiteKiosk can make on your computer. You can then launch "Start SiteKiosk" (Quick Start Menu) with "Run as administrator" before you set the "Auto Start" settings.

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