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Is there any way to programmatically show/hide the on-screen keyboard from a windows C# application running on the kiosk as a launched application?

Alternatively, can we make it disappear after a period of inactivity?

Sometimes it stays visible over form elements we have on our custom kiosk application.


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Re: Hide on-screen keyboard 11/10/2021 2:36 PM

Thank for your inquiry. Both are achievable with the right settings:

To make the on-screen keyboard of SiteKiosk disappear after a period of inactivity just use the screen saver.
When the screen saver activates the keyboard will be minimized automatically and hidden as long as the screen saver is active.

Otherwise you can use the SiteKiosk Object Model to hide the keyboard:

The SiteKiosk Object Model can also be accessed from C#:

Webpages and script files that use the SK Object Model will need permission. So they must be added to Configuration>>Access/Security>>"URLs with SiteKiosk Object Model Permission". Wildcard masks are accepted.

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