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We are using our self service Point of Sale-s more and more with Windows Sitekiosk.

1. Right now we do not use restricted Sitekiosk Windows user, just standard user with administrator rights.
2. Sitekiosk launches our Windows POS application automatically, configured in Start Page & Browser> Advanced menu.
3. Also configured in Applications menu.
4. Finally, we have created our own Start Screen Template, so when POS application crashes, it shows proper wallpaper with support information and application can be started again, by pressing the wallpaper.

Problem is, we need to start the .exe application As Administrator, so it can adjust Windows system clock, when it get's out of sync.
When enabling 'Run this program as an Administrator' from our application shortcut Compatibility menu,
the first time Sitekiosk startup works ok. Problem is, when client tries to restart our POS application again from Start Screen, then it does nothing.

Is there any solution for re-starting applications from Start Screen with admin rights?

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Re: Start Screen - start Application As Administrator 11/17/2021 8:49 AM

SiteKiosk just calls the Exe and there is no option to start it with “Run as Administrator”
You could check if it works if you change the UAC (User Access Control) settings of Windows so that the application starts directly.
But of course, this reduces the security of the system and could also have other unintended effects (SiteKiosk is only tested and supported on Windows systems with default UAC settings).

I would recommend to configure the windows settings so that the windows system regularly fetches the time from an appropriate time server (should also be the case via Default). Windows uses a service for this purpose that runs independently of the logged-in user.
If you are using SiteRemote, you can also enable the "Activate time synchronization" option in your team under >Administration>Settings. This will automatically synchronize the time of the SiteKiosk client with the SiteRemote server.

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