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Hi, we noticed that some sitekiosk terminal are offline (see attachment).
The SiteRemote dashboard shows the following message also:
"Your team no longer possesses a valid SiteRemote license"
Thank you

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Re: Terminal Offiline 11/19/2021 10:28 AM

SiteKiosk is just using the network connection provided by Windows. The terminal offline page is displayed when the start page URL that is setup in the SiteKiosk configuration cannot be loaded for any reason (network , proxy or web server issues).
You first should check if the network connection generally works on Windows by using the configured Start Page URL in any other browser on that Windows system and fix it on Windows when there are any problems.

Your team no longer possesses a valid SiteRemote license means that the SiteRemote license in your team has expired (can also be checked at >Administration>Licensing in your SiteRemote Team).

If you have a team on you need to purchase new licenses (SiteKiosk Cloud – Annual Plan):

If you run your own SiteRemote Server the team account license and traffic can be configured through SiteRemote Administration.
Under “Teams-->Licenses-->Edit”, the existing team licenses can be edited directly.
Under “Licenses-->Generator” licenses can be created for a team member or customer to activate on a team account (-->Administration-->Licenses).

Further information about administrating SiteRemote:

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