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I would like my user to be able to upload files to websites. While testing SiteKiosk, I set the browser to use the Chrome engine. I went to upload a file, and the Windows Open Dialog default location was
C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\Chromium
The user is then able to surf all around the C: drive.
I want to set the default location to match Documents shortcut on the left side of the dialog. Once the user is there it does not appear they can see the C: Drive.
To Test this I went to and clicked the "Try It Out Area"

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Re: Open Dialog defaults location 1/3/2022 4:04 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. In general, what you see when you are trying to upload a file is based on the Windows system. Say, if you are testing in your admin account, you will be able to browse about the C:\ drive. If you use the limited User (also in "Protected" state) installed with SiteKiosk in "Auto Start" mode, then you will only have access to "This PC" without the C:\ drive. "Quick Access" will not be available or not personalized.

This means with the limited SiteKiosk user, your users will only be able to interact with the Documents folder for that user. Since, this Upload feature is controlled by the underlying Windows OS, you may need to include instructions for your users to find your test files, say in the Documents folder. (The Documents folder is the only writeable folder in the list for that limited user by default).

You can find information on the policies for the SiteKiosk user:

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