Support Request: Something that prints with the IE Engine but NOT the Chrome Engine


We use SiteKiosk to lock down our registration kiosks used during our meeting to print meeting badges. We would like to switch to the Chrome engine but ran into a problem when setting up last night. The badge measures 3 X 8 and when using our registration website (in IE mode), it prints correctly in that it prints landscape and works. When using the Chrome engine, Sitekiosk "seems" to almost do a print screen and does NOT turn landscape, (what the IE engine does). When using the chrome browser outside of SiteKiosk, it prints correctly. We can set you up with a test login to our registration website if you need to try it out for yourself?

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Re: Something that prints with the IE Engine but NOT the Chrome Engine 1/4/2022 4:59 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. I have reviewed your configuration file and you have "Show Standard Windows Print Dialog Box" selected under Printing Behavior. Do you know if the printer page setup is done through the browser script or Windows printer settings? Please do send a test registration and login details to support-america(at) Please include the steps to achieve the same results.

IE has more integration with the Windows system than with Chromium, but most web features are still the same, just done differently. I will wait to see what the difference is of the two on your website.

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Re: Something that prints with the IE Engine but NOT the Chrome Engine 1/5/2022 8:09 PM

Thank you for the links and steps to replicate. I was able to replicate what you are seeing. It turns out that with the SiteKiosk Chrome Engine, the printing of a specific frame is not possible. This is the reason that the print option "Automatically print the largest frame" is not available with Chrome. In order to print the content in SiteKiosk Chrome, you would have to create a new window for that content instead of using the iframe.

SiteKiosk needs to be able to fully control the printing process in order for our Printer Monitoring feature to work. As a consequence, the process is manipulated which comes with this drawback. The standard Chromium does not have this requirement (no intended user restrictions), so it works fine with your website setup.

On the same note, your website uses FullScreen Mode in SiteKiosk. Opening a window with JavaScript "; " is not feasible unless you have a valid URL: " ". To clarify, with FullScreen mode in SiteKiosk, command cannot take a blank URL parameter. As an alternative to FullScreen mode, you will need to ensure the following settings in SiteKiosk Configuration are in place:

Browser Toolbar>>Show Tab Bar & Toggle Tab Bar Button (Check this option at least)
Advanced>>Display Taskbar (Uncheck this option)
Advanced>>"Maximum number of browser window/tabs" (Set to more than 1)
Settings>>"Redirect new windows/tabs to the main window" (Uncheck this option)

Also, as an alternative to JavaScript, you can use location.href() and window.print() with a delayed event to navigate backward or forward once the print job is sent.

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Re: Something that prints with the IE Engine but NOT the Chrome Engine 1/14/2022 7:30 PM
User confirmed by email, using suggested tactics on website design, fixed the issue. [Closing case.]
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