Support Request: Cannot edit old skcfg files


Hi, having recently upgraded to version 9.8 we seem to be unable to use the site kiosk online configuration editor for old config files, and in creating new ones to be retrofitted with our start-up requirements these don't run correctly. Is there a known compatibility issue here and is there a work around/fix?


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Re: Cannot edit old skcfg files 1/4/2022 5:41 PM

there is no known general compatibility issue with older configuration files. But we also do not test upgrades from every single older version. What is the version you are upgrading from?
In case you have chosen the option to encrypt the configuration, this is done based on the license in use, when this is not the same anymore, the configuration cannot be decrypted.
Also note that version 9.8.5779 is almost a year old. If you are just upgrading you should consider using the most current version 9.9.6014.
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