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We replaced our kiosks with new computers that come with latest Windows 10 version. But they are still running SiteKiosk Windows v9.6.8234 and we are faced with Microsoft Edge starting automatically. I followed the instructions on your FAQ, but I'm still getting the the message box something like"Microsoft Edge has become unresponsive. Reboot Microsoft Edge Yes or No" during the kiosk startup. How can I avoid that?

Does our license allow us to use the latest SiteKiosk version? Our organization is Newmarket Public Library.



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Re: Microsoft Edge Starts Automatically 1/12/2022 7:39 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. Our FAQ post was updated to include instructions for the System Security Manager entries that will block Microsoft Edge from running in the SiteKiosk user. You will need to enter the two executables as listed:

Also, after you have applied the settings and exit the wizard, you can relaunch System Security Manager, click on Customized>>Welcome, you can Import and Export the settings to share to other computers with the *.swcfg file. Please note this is only applicable for the SiteKiosk Restricted User. All other users, SiteKiosk will close Edge (Chromium) with the window monitoring settings.

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