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We are using siteKiosk 9.9.6127 on a computer with Intel i5 Gen8, 8 GB of memory, ssd and Windows 10.
If we use SiteKiosk with Chromium, simples web pages take 5-10 seconds to appear. With IE, 1-2 seconds.
By installing the same version of Chromium on Windows, sames web pages take 1-2 seconds to appear.
We reinstalled sitekiosk, used other configurationn, same problem.
Same problem if we open a local pdf file.
No disable-gpu used on skcfg.
Do you have any research advice for me ?
I cannot use IE which does not allow all web pages to be displayed correctly.
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Re: Sitekiosk with Chromium slow 4/25/2022 9:15 AM

To load the web pages, SiteKiosk (like other browsers) uses the network connection of the Windows system.

Since SiteKiosk is a secure browser, the browser content may load a bit slower than outside SiteKiosk due to the security features, but usually this does not slow down the page loading significantly.

Note that you also need to clear the browser cache in e.g. Chrome before you test & compare (to make sure that web pages will be (re-)loaded from the Internet) because SiteKiosk always deletes the browser cache (on startup, when closing, on logout, on screen saver activation).

Otherwise, there is no setting in SiteKiosk to increase the browser performance.
The stability and performance of SiteKiosk (regardless of the SiteKiosk version) depends heavily on the Windows system and its hardware (including drivers) as well as other Windows services.

If all web pages load slowly, it is very likely that this is due to system performance or network connection.
If only a specific website is affected, it may be due to the web server or the website code is not optimized for the browser engine used.
You could also check if there is a difference between the "Start Once" mode and the "Auto Start" mode (due to user-dependent Windows settings)

The actual SiteKiosk version 9.9.6127 uses Chromium 99.0.4844.27 (Windows 32 bit).
Here you can download the corresponding Chromium test application (unzip 2x and run the cefclient.exe in the "Release" folder),

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