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With sitekiosk browser, i will to display a wordpress website contain somes pdf embedded.
We we click on, the browser open a new tab (check printscreen). I will to hide or disable the toolbar of googledrive in the sitekiosk browser (chromium?).

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Re: Hide toolbar in browser 5/3/2022 3:21 PM

the toolbar in the screenshot is from the Google drive web page that SiteKiosk has no influence to.

But if you don’t allow downloads in SiteKiosk you cannot download the pdf and if you disable "Allow printing" at >Start Page & Browser>Customize>Settings users cannot print.

Michael Olbrich
Re: Hide toolbar in browser 5/3/2022 3:26 PM
Yes but you can share, and go to Google profil, etc...
The better solution is to disable a top part of the screen to cursor no?
Have you another solution ?
Re: Hide toolbar in browser 5/4/2022 9:03 AM

As stated above this comes from the code in the google web page and generally a browser has no influence to it.
You can check if you can access the DOM of the web page and manipulate it to hide that bar.
Here an article that generally describes how to access the DOM of a web page displayed in SiteKiosk with Chrome Browser skin.
For this solution, however, programming or web developer knowledge is necessary.

Or you can check if the pages (Google profile, etc.) use different URLs and then block access to these URLs via the Surfing Area settings in SiteKiosk:

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