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Dear Support,

I do own 5 Windows sitekiosk licenses and i have registered all of them with a demo SiteRemote account. I can see the devices at monitoring tab but the data and status are not updating. Is this caused because my license is demo? Note that i will proceed with the purchase of SiteKiosk Cloud – Annual Plan soon.

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Re: Client status 5/19/2022 3:00 PM

the reason is that your 30 days trial license for your team at has expired (you can see this on the dashboard of your team - The team was created at the 17th March 2022 and expired at the 17th April 2022)

If you do not hold a valid license your machines are rejected by the SiteRemote server and their status is not being updated.

I have extended the trial period for anther 30 days that you can continue testing.

Michael Olbrich
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