Support Request: Orange Pi 3 LTS


I am trying to get your software working on my Orange Pi 3 LTS with Android 9.

I am able to install the APK, but as soon as I enable draw over apps, your app just opens and closes immediately.

It does not stay open long enough to display any errors.

Can you assist?

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Re: Orange Pi 3 LTS 5/23/2022 10:38 AM

Generally, SiteKiosk Android is designed and supported to be used on Tablet devices.

So, it seems that the Android system on the Pi is not suitable for SiteKiosk Android.
Maybe look at the Android ADB Log would help in that case. Here is a description (found with Google):

Here some notes on installation and setup:
- 5. Preparing Android for usage with SiteKiosk
- Required Android Permissions
- Installing SiteKiosk Android

Furthermore, please note:
On Android devices, performance and stability depend heavily on the Android operating system installed on the device by the manufacturer.
Many manufacturers make individual changes to the Android operating system and these changes can have a significant impact on performance and stability.
The best test results with SiteKiosk Android are usually obtained with tablet devices, where the manufacturers make fewer changes to the original Google Android system.
Since SiteKiosk Android 2.11, SiteKiosk on Samsung devices can also ensure that SiteKiosk can start cleanly via Samsung Knox.

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