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Hello, we've been having issues with PDF files being displayed in SiteKiosk and noticed the latest version which had a PDF fix. After downloading and upgrading, our license is "evaluation"
Can you please tell me what we're licensed for? We have 2 licenses, one for 12 and one for 1.

What do we need to do to use the current version.

Thanks in advance

Jess Iannone

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Re: License Issue 6/7/2022 2:27 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. While SiteKiosk licenses are permanent, "Support and Updates" last for 12-month periods at a time. You have the option to renew annually or a-la-carte when deemed needed. If you want to keep your production device running, you can uninstall and reinstall the older version. You can find installers here:

To find out more about the licenses you are using, you can email our Sales Team with the license name and code or any other references to your order: .

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