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the sitekiosk, afer few minute, always return "sitekiosk was not able to start properly a few times in a row, therefore you see this emergency screen".
whats is the problem?
Is possible disable the 'resets' of app opens?

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Re: errorblck screen 6/8/2022 1:40 PM

The so-called emergency screen loads if SiteKiosk was restarted by the software watchdog (or for any other reason) 10 times in 1200 seconds.
Also see “3. Monitoring”:

When having access to the client system again, you should login as administrator and check the system / SiteKiosk configuration (and start in “Start once” mode first for testing).

Further information and instructions in this FAQ:

Michael Olbrich
Re: errorblck screen 6/9/2022 11:30 AM
But my version is Android version. I not have watchdog.exe and i can't edit the configuration file.
How I disable the watchdog or the automatic restart?
All indications are for the windows versions, but i need instructions or solution for the android version.
Re: errorblck screen 6/9/2022 11:40 AM

Unfortunately, I had overlooked the fact that you are using SiteKiosk Android.

SiteKiosk Android also has a corresponding watchdog for SiteKiosk.
Here is the information on how to change the value for the watchdog in SiteKiosk Android (1. Increasing the watchdog timeout):

General notes about SiteKiosk Android:
Generally SiteKiosk Android is designed to be used on Tablet devices.

On Android devices, performance and stability depend heavily on the Android operating system installed on the device by the manufacturer.
Many manufacturers make individual changes to the Android operating system and these changes can have a significant impact on performance and stability.
The best test results with SiteKiosk Android are usually obtained with tablet devices, where the manufacturers make fewer changes to the original Google Android system.
Since SiteKiosk Android 2.11, SiteKiosk on Samsung devices can also ensure that SiteKiosk can start cleanly via Samsung Knox.

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