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Is there a way to prompt that the screen saver is about to start? We are using site caster as our primary format on our kiosk. Currently, we have a screen saver timer of 90 seconds. However, we also have it to where somebody can use Zoom while on the kiosk. Is there a way to prompt through site caster when the screen saver is about to start so when they are having a meeting on Zoom they don't get kicked from the meeting and have to restart? Thank you.

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Re: Screen Saver Warning SiteCaster 6/17/2022 3:02 PM

Thank you for your inquiry. This function is not implemented to SiteCaster. However, it would be possible to create an external script in SiteKiosk Windows that checks the idle time and then creates a corresponding dialog.

How this works, the "Scheduler Object" would repeatedly call a function, the "IdleTime Property", to check the idle time and the "CreateHTMLDialog Method" to create a dialog. Basically, you would incorporate your own solution for this. If you need additional assistance with cost, then you can email the details to "support-america(at)".

Scheduler Object:
IdleTime Property:
CreateHTMLDialog Method:

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