Support Request: Translate error or Chromium in english



We have noticed a javascript alert written in english on the webmail.
So, if we quit the tab after starting to write a email a alert appears (see attachement).

We don't think it is a translatation error... we did not find the english sentence in XML language files.
We believe that the SiteKiosk Chrome browser is considered an English browser by the website.

Do you think there is a way to translate this alert easily ?


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Re: Translate error or Chromium in english 6/23/2022 12:33 PM

that message doesn't come from SiteKiosk but from the web page as it seems.

You can make SiteKiosk to identify as French language browser with selecting the corresponding skin language.
You can configure the available skin languages and the skin language that should be used on startup at
>Start Page & Browser>Customize>Languages

You can also test it with e.g. (it will show up with the corresponding language).

Michael Olbrich
Re: Translate error or Chromium in english 6/23/2022 1:47 PM

We think use the geographic position of our internet connection to choose language.
Whether we are set to English or French in SiteKiosk we always navigate on the French page.

Is there a method to force language in SK config ?

Re: Translate error or Chromium in english 6/23/2022 2:09 PM

In my test, SiteKiosk always displays the language appropriately (e.g. the language of the search button).
If you change the skin language later, you have to reload the page.

However, even if Google uses the IP, SiteKiosk switches the browsing language with the skin language as described above. You may even explicitly set French as default language.
Other settings are not available.

Otherwise, you may also check (with another browser) whether this JavaScript message is available in French at all or whether the dialog is always displayed in English.

Michael Olbrich
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