FAQ: SiteKiosk and antivirus software


We do not recommend any specific antivirus software or provide installation instructions for such a product. The reason is that these programs change rather frequently and a procedure that might have worked before can become obsolete in a few weeks time.

We can give you a basic overview though on what to take care of when using antivirus software together with SiteKiosk.
Especially when it comes to using the restricted SiteKiosk user you have to consider a few things (Most of this is not necessary if you are planning to use an administrator user).

First you should make sure that the application you want to use is able to run under a restricted Windows user and is able to make updates under such a user. You can test this by starting the application under the restricted SiteKiosk user when you have set that user to unprotected using the System Security Manager of SiteKiosk.
If the program is working then it will most likely work when the SiteKiosk user is set to “protected”.
Otherwise you can use the user defined settings of the System Security Manager to grant access to folders that are needed for that application to run.

If you are planning on using an antivirus program it only makes real sense if you are updating it regularly. Otherwise you may as well don't use it in the first place.
The most recommended way to update the program would be if the software allows to get the updates using a special windows service for that.
Information if the antivirus software is able to do so can be obtained from the manufacturer. If it is you do not have to bother about the updates under the “restricted” SiteKiosk user as the updates are done in the background by a service with its own rights.
If the software does not provide this method it should at least provide a solution where you can install updates without the need for anybody to click on dialogs that allow the installation of such an update. Then you only need to take care of where the update files are stored to and allow this for the restricted SiteKiosk user in the System Security Manager.

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