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North American Headquarters in Miami, USA: Dec 25, 2015, Jan 1st 2016
European Headquarters in Muenster, Germany: Dec 21, 2015 until Jan 03rd 2016
Limited support is available during this period.
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weavefuture Inc.

Official SiteKiosk Reseller


Manufacture for coin acceptor, bill acceptor and the interface board for internet kiosk,game kiosk and internet cafe software.
Integrator for completed internet kiosk,game kiosk and internet cafe system.


Complete systems Remote maintenance: Central management and monitoring with SiteRemote. Software Service
Complete systems
Individual production
Gaming kiosk
Internet kiosk
Product information kiosk
Self-service kiosk
Touch screen monitors
Coin acceptors and coin machines
Card readers and credit card billing
Bill readers
SiteKiosk kiosk software (Windows)
SiteCafe software
SiteRemote management software
Windows operating system
Windows embedded/POS operating system
Project management
Terminal rental
Site acquisition
On-site installation
On-site repair service

CCTalk Kiosk5 coin acceptor and bill acceptor interface board.

CCTalk Kiosk5 coin acceptor and bill acceptor interface board can connect to any pulse output coin acceptor or/and bill acceptor.<br />It can interface with PC USB port and communicate with SiteKiosk payment bandle through interface:cctalk<br />
It is specially made for SiteKiosk Software.
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Kiosk5-Bill-Acceptor box for sitekiosk software only

This is bill acceptor is made for only. <br />It communicate SiteKiosk payment bundle through CCtalk.
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Kiosk5-Coin-Acceptor for SiteKiosk Software only

Kiosk5-Coin-Acceptor is made for SiteKiosk Software only
it can be trained to support up to 5 of any coins or tokens.
It support SiteKiosk Software through payment bundle interface:cctalk
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