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SiteKiosk Software

SiteKiosk Online helps you easily set up tamper-proof public-facing PCs from a central location and manage them remotely from your personal dashboard. Create your own interactive kiosk applications from the easy to use SiteKiosk Online editor and connect them to your software, systems and input devices. SiteKiosk ensures your customers’ data is cleared after each session at the kiosk. Available for Windows & Android.

Customized Kiosk Applications

Design beautiful kiosk application interfaces that meet your business needs with SiteKiosk. Don’t have the time to design your kiosk interface? Leave it to us! We create customized kiosk apps and provide comprehensive support during the implementation of your project. Discover our kiosk solutions!

The Only Software You Need for Your Project

Around the world, thousands of companies from a wide array of industries rely on our innovative kiosk and content management solutions to meet their branding and other business requirements while protecting customer information on the system.

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The only kiosk software that provides you with all 3 core functions


Device Protection & Operational Safety

Device Protection & Operational Safety

SiteKiosk Online protects your kiosk systems against tampering and secures the devices from the first boot process.

Uncontrolled access and harmful actions can be actively blocked.

Thanks to parental control filters, whitelisting and effective data protection columns, an all-round secure user environment is created.

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Remote Management & Monitoring

Remote Management & Monitoring

SiteKiosk Online enables centralized remote monitoring of your kiosk devices directly in the browser.

In the event of technical faults, automatic notifications are triggered, which are helpful for effective troubleshooting.

Use your own server in the on-premise version and use the LDAP connection.

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Custom Kiosk Apps & Digital Signage

Custom Kiosk Apps & Digital Signage

Increase the attention rate of your target group with interactive kiosk terminals.

SiteKiosk Online offers numerous design templates that can be adapted to your project with little effort.

The included editor enables attractive digital signage solutions for every area of application.

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Optimised internal communication through digital employee terminals

13. June 2024

Optimised internal communication through digital employee terminals

E.DIS Netz GmbH has introduced digital employee terminals to improve internal communication. The terminals serve as central information points for employees and visitors.

New SiteKiosk Shop System

13. May 2024

New SiteKiosk Shop System

The modernised Shop System simplifies the ordering process and licence renewals for SiteKiosk Online products. CEO Martin Kurze explains the new features:

SiteKiosk Online 1.4.1 is available on the cloud platform

6. May 2024

SiteKiosk Online 1.4.1 is available on the cloud platform

The core contents of the update are the launch of an American SiteKiosk server and optimised licence management with automatic renewal of expiring licences.