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SiteKiosk Software

SiteKiosk is a kiosk software that lets you tamper-proof, monitor and manage public-facing PCs, tablets and kiosk systems like self-service kiosks remotely. Create your own interactive kiosk applications and connect them to your software, systems and input devices. Available for Windows & Android.

Customized Kiosk Applications

Design your own kiosk apps with SiteKiosk that fit your business requirements or use our solutions for different use cases. Alternatively, we create individualized kiosk apps and support you during the implementation of your project. Discover our kiosk solutions!

The Only Software You Need for Your Project

Around the world, thousands of companies from a diverse array of industries rely on our innovative kiosk and content management solutions to meet their specific business and branding requirements.

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Key Overview

Kiosk protection screen example

Kiosk Protection

When planning to operate kiosks systems in a public space, you need kiosk software that protects your devices against unwanted manipulation and ensures their fail-safe operation. SiteKiosk is the perfect solution to protect your Windows and Android systems. No programming knowledge necessary! Do you want to design and build sophisticated applications yourself? No problem - the extensive SiteKiosk Object Model provides a powerful API to help you with your project.

Data security screen example

Data Security

Usually, a kiosk serves a very specific purpose in which case you want to allow access only to certain applications and Internet pages and at the same time protect the system. In addition to parental control filters, black and white listing, browser restrictions, etc., SiteKiosk also offers the deletion of personal data after each session in compliance with data protection regulations.

Application areas screen example

Application Areas

SiteKiosk lets you easily transform your self-service terminal into an interactive experience for customers, visitors or employees without a PC workstation. Various templates, connection options and interfaces for external devices, sensors and software for many application scenarios are available.

Digital Signage screen example

Digital Signage

Get the most out of your advertising campaign with SiteKiosk! Using the intuitive user interface, you will be able to create attractive display ads in no time at all. Numerous setting and animation options for multimedia content will help you to draw attention to your product or service. Increase the reach of your digital advertising by setting specific time periods for the display of your content.

Remote Management screen example

Remote Management

SiteKiosk is a powerful kiosk solution that provides you with sophisticated control and customization options with many useful remote management functions. Manage users and provide 2-factor authentication or LDAP connections. Distribute content and files centrally or create relevant reports about your machines. In combination with knowledge of frameworks such as Microsoft PowerShell, you are also able to define automated processes for your kiosk systems.

DevBlog: Activate Azure AD SSO in SiteKiosk Online

18. August 2022

DevBlog: Activate Azure AD SSO in SiteKiosk Online

Allow using single sign on with Azure Active Directory in SiteKiosk Online Windows.

DevBlog: Launching UWP Apps in SiteKiosk Online

25. July 2022

DevBlog: Launching UWP Apps in SiteKiosk Online

In SiteKiosk Online, you have the option to launch UWP Apps using the Actions feature.

SiteKiosk Online has arrived!

7. July 2022

SiteKiosk Online has arrived!

We are pleased to offer SiteKiosk Online, a new generation of our kiosk software.