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SiteKiosk is the optimal ease-of-use kiosk solution for any system from displays, public-access computers, and tablets to terminals. Protect, manage and advertise with just one platform for Windows and Android.

SiteKiosk User Interface

The Only Kiosk Software You Need

The demands on kiosk software are constantly increasing as we move to a more digital world. Automation and networking in industry, digital self-service concepts or new creative forms of advertising in public spaces are just a few examples of the current transformation. SiteKiosk equips you for the challenges of the future with a powerful content management system (CMS) for professional digital signage as well as extensive remote management functions and reliable security for remote support of your machines. Efficient and simple with a single software solution. Available for Windows and Android.

SiteKiosk Creates Added Value

For you, your visitors, customers and employees

Project example customer experience

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Retain customers with interactive sales and consulting experiences at the point of sale (POS)
  • Overcome buying barriers and simplify the process with intuitive information offerings
  • Offer even more choices by digitally expanding your range
  • Greet, inform and guide guests and customers at the entrance area
  • Attract attention in public spaces with digital signage
  • Reduce queues with self-service offerings and increase customer satisfaction
Project example production and business processes

Optimize Production and Business Processes

  • Offer access to the intranet, a digital bulletin board or electronic cafeteria menus
  • Show important announcements, internal news and other content simultaneously on all terminals and information screens
  • Show operations data automatically and in real time
  • Secure your industrial control systems such as tablets or touch displays from uncontrolled access
  • Strengthen your corporate image with the help of a innovative digital presence
Project example public services

Provide Secure Digital and Interactive Services

  • Give visitors information and wayfinding assistance in buildings with digital signage
  • Grab attention with a multimedia and interactive visitor experience
  • Protect PCs, tablets and kiosks from unauthorized access
  • Ensure the privacy-compliant use of your devices
  • Define which programs, apps and websites can be accessed
  • Benefit from a wide range of options for connecting external sensors and software like authentication via RFID

Powerful Features for Your Business


Securing public computers & kiosks

  • Secure browser
  • Full app control on tablets
  • Reliability through software watchdog


Remote Management & Monitoring

  • Remote control via smartphone
  • Two-factor authentication (also with LDAP and AD)
  • Log files and real-time statistic


Digital Signage & Self Service

  • Content Management System
  • Time and event controlled advertisements
  • API for external sensors and devices

Cloud or On-Premise?

A cloud or server license gives you extended access to MANAGE and SHOW features. SiteKiosk supports following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. You can decide whether you want to have cloud access or run SiteKiosk on a dedicated or your own server.

Large Corporations and SME Rely on the World's Leading Kiosk Software SiteKiosk

Product Brochure

Detailed information about Sitekiosk can be found in our product brochure.


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