SiteKiosk - Price List

SiteKiosk Price List

SiteKiosk - Product Brochure

This Brochure provides an overview of the extensive features of our SiteKiosk software solution.

SiteKiosk - Quick Setup Guide

Quick setup and uninstallation guide for SiteKiosk Windows.

SiteKiosk Android - Quick Start Guide

Quick start guide for SiteKiosk Android.

SiteKiosk Object Model - Documentation

This zip file contains the comprehensive documentation for the SiteKiosk Object Model. With the help of the SiteKiosk Object Model, you can develop your own kiosk applications.

SiteKiosk - Help

This zip file contains the comprehensive SiteKiosk Help. Also installed together with the SiteKiosk Software.

SiteRemote Server (buy) - Admin Guide

Choose this brochure to learn more about how to install, set up and use our SiteRemote Server software.

SiteRemote - Installation/Update

Installation and update guide for SiteRemote.

SiteCaster - Help

This zip file contains the comprehensive SiteCaster Help.

Smart Kiosk Control - Brochure

Information on remote control via smartphone.