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Explore the ways SiteKiosk can help you automate public facing computers: Do you want to operate self-service public terminals or tablets with fail-safe protections and block against unwanted manipulation? Do you want to offer your customers real added value with an interactive and appealing digital touchpoint to increase your sales? SiteKiosk is the right kiosk software to offer you the most efficient solution for almost any scenario.

Customer Experience

How can SiteKiosk improve customer experience?

Businesses in the retail sector such as car dealerships, supermarkets, department stores, gas stations, pharmacies as well as banks, hotels, restaurants and media agencies can benefit from the addition of interactive digital information from kiosks and digital signage.

Goals: 24-hour service, sales promotions and increased customer satisfaction

  • Engaging customer approach
  • Detailed product information & Digital customer service
  • Conference room scheduling
  • Interactive Showroom
  • Visualization of product options and details
  • Self-service and ordering via Self Service via Point of Sale (POS) kiosks
  • Digital Signage: Digital advertisements or info screens with general information (news, weather services, daily program)
  • Banking applications
  • Services, e.g. workstations with Internet and print access
  • Digital Menu

Project solution

Sello Shopping Center

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Employee Self Service

How can SiteKiosk improve the employee self-service experience?

Human Resources in medium-sized and large (industrial) companies can benefit from the addition of self-service terminals to access employee documentation and other information.

Goals: Seamless personnel planning, employee management, development and communication

  • Access to the corporate network for employees without an office workstation
  • Data processing of leave requests, travel expense reports, timesheets, work records, etc.
  • Intranet access to employee information such as work instructions, safety videos, shift schedules or duty roster and general company information
  • Digital notice board
  • Training content and human resources documentation for employees
  • Conference room scheduling, Break room plans and canteen menu
  • Floor plans and safety instructions

Project solution

Schneider`s Bakery

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Information & Secure Workflow

How can SiteKiosk help to streamline and secure workflow?

Custom interfaces and secure automation in banks, healthcare, industry and commerce.

Goals: Optimize workflows & reduce downtime

  • Avoid business-critical breakdowns through trouble-free and fail-safe operation of production kiosks
  • Protection of industrial control systems
  • Custom user interfaces and lock down systems with third-party applications
  • Mobile and guided access to sales and logistics systems via kiosks and tablets
  • Information displays with safety instructions, information on operating procedures, route descriptions or departure and arrival times in logistics and traffic
  • Legally binding communication and conclusion of contracts at the kiosk with document camera, signature fields and video telephony

Project solution


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Public Access & Security

How can SiteKiosk help to secure my information systems that are available to the public?

Deploy public terminals for information and service in offices, cities and municipalities, non-profit organizations as well as public educational facilities and institutions including schools, universities, adult education centers, libraries, museums, etc.

Goals: Secure public devices & provide interactive visitor tours and information

  • Access to public PCs for research purposes via Web-OPAC, reference works, keyword indexes and the Internet in a secure browser
  • Authentication via (RFID) chip card or password
  • Restriction of publicly available software programs
  • Privacy-compliant use such as automatic deletion of user data
  • Interactive multimedia visitor experience
  • Route guidance system
  • Protection of PCs, tablets and kiosks from security-critical, manipulative system interventions
  • Secure, cashless donation
  • Digital room allocation plans, cafeteria menus, course catalogs and event schedules
  • Accessible information systems
  • Digital citizen services such as submitting applications and issuing certificates

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