Practical Remote Management Functions for Kiosk Devices

SiteKiosk offers easy-to-use remote management features that save you time while efficiently managing all of your devices. Experienced IT administrators benefit from effective job templates and scripting options for optimal workflow. Monitor and manage your devices via cloud or on-premise server access and create engaging digital signage campaigns.

User interface: Monitoring and Analytics

Monitoring & Analytics

Monitor and remotely control your kiosk terminals and displays. Comprehensive analysis tools for measuring and evaluating your systems provide you with real-time information on usage, uptime, network connectivity, sensor values and battery levels. Access the desktop of the kiosk remotely via a secure integrated Ultra VNC connection.

User interface: Job system

Remote Task System for IT Administrators

A powerful job system allows you to remotely administer not only SiteKiosk but the entire kiosk system using predefined jobs. Install applications and transfer files on kiosks using the remote task system to support roll-out to a large number of devices.

User Interface: User Roles

User Administration and Permissions System

Create users with specific permissions directly in SiteKiosk or easily connect your own LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server to our kiosk software. This gives you the ability to authenticate and manage all users securely and centrally. Extensive auditing and two-factor authentication round out the security options.

User interface: File Manager

Remote Content & License Management

Remotely manage and distribute data to all devices quickly and reliably. Easily set pre-defined jobs and common tasks to automate management and maintenance. With centralized license management, you keep an overview of the license status of your devices.

Choose the Product Option That Fits Your Project

Depending on your project requirements, you can choose between SiteKiosk Classic Standalone, SiteKiosk Online Cloud or On-Premise. Test SiteKiosk now free of charge and without obligation for 30 days.


  • Perfect for small teams
  • Easy to use, no administration needed
  • Annual billing
  • Automatic and free updates
  • Support by phone, email or forum
  • 2 GB storage space per team
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Dedicated Server*

  • For larger teams >100 client machines
  • Exclusive server including backup & operating system updates
  • Perfect for companies that would rather focus on their core business and not maintain the server in-house
  • Annual billing
  • Support by phone, email and forum
  • Your logo on the software interface
  • Manage unlimited number clients
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Server License

  • For larger teams > 100 machines / clients
  • Perfect for companies that want to administer and configure the server themselves
  • One-time license fees
  • Full access to Windows server settings
  • 12 months support included
  • Your logo on the software interface
  • Integrated license server
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* Customized to the project.

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