Endless design options for Kiosk Devices

SiteKiosk Online offers user-friendly content management system for creating interactive displays on Windows and Android devices, including tablets, kiosks, and PCs. Use it for digital signage, POS systems, self-service terminals, advertising screens, employee HR terminals, and information displays.

Digital Signage Applications

Dive into the world of digital signage with SiteKiosk Online and discover its wide-ranging applications across industries.


Supported formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, and SVG, allowing businesses to showcase vibrant visual content and create engaging digital displays.


Effortlessly showcases videos in H.264 (MP4) format. It provides a dynamic way to engage your audience with stunning video content, making your displays come to life.


It empowers businesses to deliver compelling news updates and information in a visually engaging manner, enhancing communication with the audience.


Text feature allows you to display formatted rich text, making it easy to convey information in an eye-catching and organized way.


Offers the convenience of presenting PDF files on your digital signage, complete with optional automatic paging.


Easily integrate web content into your displays and up to date with real-time information and interactive elements.

RSS Feed

Providing a dynamic way to keep your audience informed with the latest updates and headlines on your digital signage displays.


Makes it easy to display the current time and date on your digital signage with this simple yet essential feature.


Offers the capability to display current weather conditions and forecasts for a specified location to your digital signage content.


Allows you to cater to a diverse audience and ensures effective communication in multiple languages on your digital signage displays.


Enhance interactivity and engagement on your digital signage displays by customizing actions to meet your business or informational needs.

Auto Actions

Auto Actions that automatically triggers preset actions, such as launching a program or application, when needed.

Elevate Your Content with Style

Whether for advertising or communication, SiteKiosk Online template designs with themes enhance the overall impact of your digital signage content.

SiteKiosk Online vs. Competitors

SiteKiosk Online offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution with a wide range of features that make it a superior choice when compared to competitors.

SiteKiosk Online


User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Easy content management for all users.

May have a steeper learning curve

Interactive Templates

Interactive Templates

Dynamic content creation

Limited or no interactive template

Remote Management

Remote Management

Real-time remote updates

Limited or less user-friendly remote management

Security Features

Security Features

Secure authentication and encryption

Less extensive security measures

External Sensors and Device Integration

External Sensors and Device Integration

Seamless integration

Limited or no support

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