Numerous CMS Functions for Kiosk Devices

SiteKiosk's content management system provides you with extensive, easy-to-use functions to help you quickly create presentations and signage. The SiteKiosk kiosk software supports the Windows and Android operating systems on a wide variety of device types, from tablets to kiosk terminals to PC-based, high-resolution displays. Create content for digital signage campaigns or interactive applications for point of sale (POS), self-service terminals, advertising and information screens, employee terminals (HR) or information systems.

Sitekiosk terminal

Interactive Digital Signage & Self Service

Customize your application with external content

  • Display easily customizable screen pages
  • Use any content elements: PDF, videos, images, texts, etc.
  • Use pop-ups to display longer content (text, PDF, image)
  • Embed webcams, weather services, RSS feeds, entire web pages, etc.

Take advantage of the wide range of interaction options

  • Link multiple screen pages
  • Trigger navigation or animation with any element
  • Structure your content with custom menus and navigation
  • Connect external sensors to interact with your application
  • The integrated script interface opens individual customizations for complex scenarios
  • Smart Kiosk Control allows you to remotely control windows kiosks, displays and android tablets via smartphone. No app is needed, the website is accessed via QR code or readable URL

Display Time- and Event-Driven Content

Set display conditions

  • Display individual content by time of day, day of week, date range, etc.
  • In response to proximity sensor, step mats, etc.
  • Lift & Learn: Function with RFID, magnetic sensor, etc.
  • Example for display conditions
    Example for animation settings

    Attractive Animations & Templates

    Attract attention

    • Numerous animation functions like pan & zoom, fade in/out, 3D transformation or blur
    • Intuitive user interface quick start via easily customizable templates from the field
    • Extensive configuration of basic elements for image, video, text, weather, etc.
    • Screensaver and attraction loops

    Other Features

    User Interface: Digital Signage Editor

    Intuitive User Interface

    Manage and create content easily and centrally via the browser. Use the detailed and pixel-precise setting options as well as comfort functions such as drag and drop, copy/paste and many more. The workflow is continuously optimized. You can use newly developed functionalities automatically via the cloud subscription.

    Screenshot CMS display support

    Display Support

    Present your content flexibly on all display sizes and types. Content transferred to clients can be played offline without the need for a permanent connection. Benefit from the unlimited number of connected terminals or displays for your content. Manage your Infoscreens using extensive filtering and sorting functions.

    Screenshot CMS user rights

    User Rights

    Make sure that editors can only change the elements that are actually to be changed, thus preventing accidental or careless changes. Simply activate individual elements and their properties for dedicated editing.

    Example compatibility for different devices


    By supporting the widely used operating systems Windows and Android on the client side, you are mostly free to choose the hardware. The content is displayed the same regardless of the platform and does not have to be produced separately.

    Choose the Product Option That Fits Your Project

    Depending on your project requirements, you can choose between SiteKiosk Classic Standalone, SiteKiosk Online Cloud or On-Premise. Test SiteKiosk now free of charge and without obligation for 30 days.

    Other Features That May Interest You

    Reliable Protection For Your Devices


    Remote Management & Monitoring


    Product Brochure

    Detailed information about Sitekiosk can be found in our product brochure.


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