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SiteKiosk Software

SiteKiosk Online helps you easily set up tamper-proof public-facing PCs from a central location and manage them remotely from your personal dashboard. Create your own interactive kiosk applications from the easy to use SiteKiosk Online editor and connect them to your software, systems and input devices. SiteKiosk ensures your customers’ data is cleared after each session at the kiosk. Available for Windows & Android.

Customized Kiosk Applications

Design beautiful kiosk application interfaces that meet your business needs with SiteKiosk. Don’t have the time to design your kiosk interface? Leave it to us! We create customized kiosk apps and provide comprehensive support during the implementation of your project. Discover our kiosk solutions!

The Only Software You Need for Your Project

Around the world, thousands of companies from a wide array of industries rely on our innovative kiosk and content management solutions to meet their branding and other business requirements while protecting customer information on the system.

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The only kiosk software that provides you with all 3 core functions


Reliable protection for your devices

Reliable protection for your devices

Kiosk systems in public spaces require kiosk software that protects your devices from unwanted manipulation and ensures fail-safe 24/7 operation. Many operational problems are already detected and fixed locally by the software watchdog. In addition to parental control filters, blacklisting and whitelisting, browser restrictions, etc., SiteKiosk offers privacy-compliant deletion of personal data after each session. With SiteKiosk, your device is protected from the boot process, and you will be informed about errors and failures.

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Remote Management & Monitoring

Remote Management & Monitoring

The many useful remote management features provide differentiated control and customization options. Centrally manage all users and provide two-factor authentication or LDAP connections. Centrally distribute content and files or generate relevant reports on your kiosk devices. In combination with knowledge of frameworks such as Microsoft PowerShell, you are also able to define automated processes for your kiosk systems. The whole thing is rounded off by the simplified connection of device hardware, such as scanners, RFID readers, payment devices, etc. (We will be happy to support you in this on request).

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Custom Kiosk Apps & Digital Signage

With SiteKiosk, you can easily transform your self-service terminal into an interactive experience for customers, visitors or employees without a PC workstation. Various templates, connectivity options and interfaces for external devices, sensors and software are available for each application scenario. With the help of the intuitive user interface (online in the browser), you can create attractive content in no time at all. With our "on premise" solution, you can operate SiteKiosk with full functionality in your own network, without any cloud connection.

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New SiteKiosk Online update frequency

7. November 2023

New SiteKiosk Online update frequency

SiteKiosk Online is updated even faster and brought up to date with the latest version thanks to an improved update structure.

Case Study: Integration of digital info steles into a trade fair concept

25. October 2023

Case Study: Integration of digital info steles into a trade fair concept

The use of interactive kiosk terminals on exhibition stands can have a positive effect on the entire trade fair process and promote the interaction rate of visitors.

SiteKiosk Online secures 500 checkout systems in luxury department stores

19. October 2023

SiteKiosk Online secures 500 checkout systems in luxury department stores

The KaDeWe Group uses SiteKiosk Online to secure the checkout systems in three different department stores, thus ensuring a secure payment process.