New SiteKiosk Shop System


New SiteKiosk Shop System

May 13, 2024

The modernised Shop System simplifies the ordering process and licence renewals for SiteKiosk Online products. CEO Martin Kurze explains the new features:

What are the advantages of the new shop system?

Martin Kurze: “The new shop design is much leaner, clearer and more clearly structured. Our SiteKiosk products and the corresponding new subscription models can be freely selected and ordered with little effort. Resellers now have the option of ordering different quantities of the same product for different customers in a single order process. The allocation of licences to end customers has also become even easier for resellers.”

What can customers and partners expect from the restructured SiteKiosk web shop?

MK: “The previous shop required many actions and clicks. To save time and reduce effort, the ordering process has been greatly compressed and simplified. Existing customer data is automatically used as delivery and invoice data, but different addresses can also be easily stored for this purpose. Licences and product upgrades can be ordered with just a few clicks and in the shortest possible time. A permanently visible shopping basket also provides an overview of the selected products.”

SiteKiosk New Shop

What happens after the purchase is completed?

MK: “Once the purchase has been successfully completed, the customer or reseller receives a booking confirmation and, in the case of SiteKiosk Online Cloud products, the licence key and invoice directly and automatically by email. This means that the ordering and delivery of these licence types is independent of our working hours. The customer can start using SiteKiosk Online at any time.”

Are new SiteKiosk products available in the shop?

MK: “At the request of many customers, we now also offer SiteKiosk Online Cloud licences on a subscription basis. The buyer is free to decide whether a licence should be automatically renewed or not. The customer can adjust and change this decision at any time in the licence overview of the shop.
The status can also be viewed in the SiteKiosk Online licence overview. When selling via partners, the software user can contact the retailer directly and request a purchase or an offer (automatically). This feature can also be used, for example, to integrate a purchasing department in your own company.”